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Malik Muhammad Saad (Shaheed)

The Proud Police Officer, Administrator,
Sportsman & The Unforgettable Personality.

Malik Muhammad Saad was placed in high esteem not only in Khyber PukhtunKhwa but also in Pakistan Police Service for his being, the most upright, dutiful, honest police officer in Pakistan.

Owner of innumerable attributes Malik Muhammad Saad performed his professional obligations in such away that every individual in the police force will remember him forever. He served in all the districts of the province. He did not let down the morale of the police service while working as ASP, SP, SSP, AIG, CD then DIG. But to maintain peace and stability he worked so hard which is almost exemplary. As an engineer, he became the Administrator in Municipal Corporation and Director Peshawar Development Authority, everyone noted that city of Peshawar regained its prosperity, removal of encroachment and widening of the roads. Various new plans were started and the people of Peshawar get the sigh of relief.

When he became the head of Traffic Police, the unmanageable traffic was brought back to order on the city roads. He also served as the Central Police Officer as all the policemen and officers were pleased with his friendly behavior. When he became the Chief Police Officer in Peshawar, the people who were bent upon destroying the peace and stability of the city were forced to leave the city. In fact wherever and at whichever portfolio he was appointed he gave priority to the provision of services to the people and restoration of esteem of the people. A lot of memories are related to Malik Saad Khan, those who lived near him saw that he considered his life a sacred trust of God and he devoted all his life to the nation with commitment. No beggar returned disappointed from his threshold. Nobody disliked him. He was rather liked by everyone from the core of their heart. If we talk about his love for games, Malik Muhammad Saad remained the chairman of the Organizers Committee for four years in the Gold Cup Cricket Tournament and he gave valuable services to the development of cricket game in the province including Peshawar. In the same way when cricket match was arranged for blinds in Peshawar, Malik Saad Khan, Dr. Salman and DIG Waseem Afzal used to be present in the ground. They clapped their hands and at every moment of good performance the blind players were appreciated.

Similarly during the series of friendly matches between the Cricket Team of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa and Indian City Delhi started in 2004, the Khyber Pukhtun Khwa team visited Delhi. In the first ever trip in the history of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa, Malik Naveed Khan was the chief D Mission and Malik Saad was the deputy D. Mission. During the trip, Malik Saad treated the players so affectionately that they never felt that Malik Saad to be a senior police officer. In fact he treated the players with so much affection and love that they all praise him. When in return the Delhi team visited Peshawar and Khyber Pukhtun Khwa, Malik Saad treated Delhi team as an Indian team and took utmost care of them so that even today the Delhi team players and officials remember Malik Saad.

Malik Saad was also a president of Hockey Association of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa and in his 10 months presidency the game of hockey made new records of popularity. For the first time in history of the province hockey association awarded cash prizes to the players. Afghanistan Hockey team was invited to Khyber Pukhtun Khwa. For the first time the national team of Afghanistan played matches at Peshawar, as well as in Mardan, Buner, Nowshera and Haripur. Hockey sticks were distributed among the players and they were given free uniforms. He was so much famous in the area of sports that he was nominated as the Deputy President of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa Olympic Association. These activities and earnest participation on his part despite his professional obligations, contributed to a great extent towards his popularity and respect among the people. When we people say that Malik Saad had a compassionate heart and no beggar got disappointed at his threshold so he was among the sportsmen, players. People in the whole province associated with sports and players were spell bound in his love.

One of his desired objectives was that Khyber Pukhtun Khwa should become a cradle of peace and for this purpose he had his own professional responsibilities which he was fulfilling and to a great extent he succeeded in his struggle. His wish was that more and more youngsters be lured towards games to a maximum extent so that they contribute in the formation of healthy society and when these youngsters were inclined towards games so that viciousness be eradicated to some extent and in addition they would be able to serve the province and the country in the field of games. If we have a quick glance at the personality of Malik Saad, he was a wonderful person, expert in all trades and busy in all aspects of life to such extent that he viewed every opportunity to be utilized for the development and welfare of the citizen. All his friends agreed on this point that Malik Saad was comparably better known and liked by the common people because his office doors were always opened to every high and low 24/7. Public dealings were so much that people visited his residence and shared their problems. When someone among the security services was found lacking his responsibility then his anger was worth observing. Seldom there was any legal work that Malik Saad could not do. But in reference to him nobody ever heard nor viewed that he did an illegal work or favoured any one out of merit.

These are the reasons for which Malik Saad gained popularity and people loved him more than anybody else. Life is a trust of God in the universe, Who created us and one day we will have to return back to Him, but Malik Saad the way lived his life will be remembered as an example for the passing world and loving people. When he was given a status of DIG as Chief Capital Police Officer, that day was also memorable. He swore to maintain peace in the city and in a few days determined to change the map of the city. In those days the series of terrorism was about to begin. Malik Saad when he met his friends on 27th January 2007, he said, that he wanted to deter terrorism exceed and then suddenly he was informed that a suicide attacker was wandering in Peshawar. Malik Saad himself took initiative in his search. Today we depend upon heavy security to save our lives. But on the seat of CCPO, a high profile seat he did not do it so that when the Police Jawan found him in among them, their morale remained high. At the back of Qissa Khwani Bazar in Dahki Dalgaran while he was inspecting the preparation for the safety mourning processions he was together with DSP Khan Razaq, Nazim Union Council Nauthia Asif Khan Baghi, Nazim Ander Sher Muhammad Ali Safi and Deputy Nazim of Ander Sher, a suicide bomber blasted himself and thus Malik Saad along with the others gave away their lives for country and nation thus he sacrificed himself to save his country from sectarian violence.

In Pakistan and Khyber Pukhtun Khwa this was the first suicide attack after which the whole province was in the grip of blasts. Thousands of soldiers, officers and police officers of Khyber Pukhtun Khwa became the victim of the blasts. But salute to the police who did not let in vain the sacrifice of their beloved officer and fought bravely with the terrorists. Today after Malik Saad including additional IG Post Officer Sifwat Ghayur and DIG Abid Ali along with thousands other policemen sacrificed their lives to save the nation and country from great disasters.

Malik Saad Shaheed Death Anniversary

Third death anniversary of Malik Saad Shaheed Capital City Police Officer Peshawar was observed in Kohat and Peshawar with great respect and honor on Wednesday. In offices of DIG Kohat region, DPO Kohat and in Police Lines Kohat holy Quran was recited and Fatiha was offered for the martyred soul by hundreds of policemen and relatives of Malik Saad Shaheed. DIG Kohat Abdullah Khan, DPO Kohat Dilawar Khan and many other high ranking police officials including ex Nazim Kohat Malik Asad Khan brother of Malik Saad Shaheed, people of all walks of life and members of Malik Saad Shaheed Trust have visited the tomb of Malik Saad Shaheed to offer fatiha and have wreathed the sheet of flowers on his grave sent by IGP NWFP Malik Naveed Khan, police press release