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Project 2011

Looking at the performance of trust during 2010, the expectations on the part of players and organizer is on the increase and for this reason all the members of the trust wish that every coming day should prove better for the Khyber Pukhtun Khwa players and the organizers. Based on this concept it has been decided that 50 sports academies will be established in different districts of the province. After that the total number of such sports academies would rise to 92. The games selected are cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, badminton, cycling, boxing and others. In these games 25 under 16 players will be selected for each game. The player selected through open trials will be provided uniform and materials for games free of cost. Thus in Khyber Pukhtun Khwa tribal agencies and FRS 1250 talented players will be prepared in the field of education. The system of awarding scholarships will continue.

The Sifwat Ghayur education scholarship will be awarded to only those students of government schools who achieved distinguished positions in the education boards. Another proposal for setting up free tuition centers in the far flung areas and back ward districts is under consideration. In these free tuition centers 50 students each would be given free tuitions. The deserving and poor students both male and female will be provided with uniform and books. In addition memorandum of understanding will be signed with Bacha Khan Education Foundation and other organization so that efforts for the expansion of education could be undertaken in coordination. In the health sector work will be done on project for holding of free medical camps and the provision of medicines free of cost.